We Are Not an Island (album) by Vib Gyor

First released on iTunes, We Are Not an Island is the debut album of unsigned English Alternative rock band Vib Gyor

We Are Not an Island displays polish and flair rarely seen in debut albums with a stunning unification of piano melodies, the heart-wrenching vocals of Dave Fendick and complimentary synth effects.

Although Vib Gyor is no longer in existence – Fendick and drummer Jonny Hooker have continued to make music under their new project, Fossil Collective.


Track List

  1. Scanners – 4:54
  2. Red Lights – 4:29
  3. Tiny Daggers – 3:57
  4. Church Bell – 4:02
  5. Ghosts – 4:59
  6. Fallen – 4:49
  7. Ultimatum – 5:24
  8. Rhombus Suit – 3:42
  9. Take Cover – 3:59
  10. Long Way Down – 6:18

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