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Olga by Via Audio

via audio


Olga is a sedate single by indie pop band Via Audio for their second full-length album Animalore.

I really love the harmonizing in this song between vocalists Jessica Martins (second from left) and Thomas Deis (second from right).

After much searching, I still could not find the lyrics to this song anywhere. So I decided to contact Via Audio directly.

Deis who is also songwriter and guitarist for the band was kind enough to provide both the lyrics and the inspiration.

This was part of his reply:

“Here are the lyrics for Olga, inspired by a girl named Olga who doesn’t like the sound of her own name.”


To my knowledge, these lyrics can’t be found anywhere else online. Except of course, on IndieVerse.



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Lights Out by Matthew Pop

Matthew Pop

Lights Out – Matthew Pop

[audio:http://indieverse.emasters.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Matthew-Pop-Lights-Out.mp3|titles=Matthew Pop – Lights Out]

Lights Out by indie rocker Matthew Pop achieved popularity after featuring on British teen drama Skins (Season 2, Episode 6).

Everything about this song, from the reverberations to the intentional static in the background  – has a very authentic garage-band vibe to it.

In today’s music industry where most studios aim for a clean and deliberate recording, Lights Out offers a different kind of sound.


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Cosy in the Rocket by Psapp

Cosy in the Rocket

“Cosy in the Rocket” is an adventurous experiment in the use of unconventional sounds.

[audio:http://indieverse.emasters.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Cosy-In-The-Rocket.mp3|titles=Cosy In The Rocket]

Combined with the whimsical vocals of Galia Durant, this song makes for an interesting listening experience.

Made famous by being the main theme for the American television medical dramaGrey’s Anatomy. It’s also my current ringtone.


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No Rest by Dry The River

Dry The River

[audio:http://indieverse.emasters.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Dry-The-River.mp3|titles=Dry The River]

In all honesty, the beginning of No Rest was unassuming.

If not for the fact that I was made me promise to listen to it until the end, I would have missed out on their amazing, impassioned bridge that changed my evaluation of this song forever.

The lyrics and music video for No Rest contains alot of biblical references. There is also an acoustic version released, which is equally good.



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