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SBTS – Cash 4 Gold by Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type

I wrote Cash 4 Gold in 15 minutes. I have to start at the beginning to give you context for the song’s inspiration:


“For aesthetically disenfranchised furnishings, we are like the families that adopt troubled children and refugees from around the world – we see beauty within and cannot say no.” – A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (Dave Eggers)


For the majority of my life, my mom has owned a larger-than-average, depreciating house at the bottom of a cul-de-sac on Easy Street in Gladstone, MO. I’m not saying Easy Street to be ironic, it’s literally called Easy St.


Over the years, the house has collected antiques and miscellaneous items of sentimental value that grow in number corresponding to the inconceivable amount of life my mom, two brothers, and myself have experienced there. After you live anywhere long enough, you begin to realize how much the place you call home reflects the characteristics of the people who inhabit it. It’s not pretty, nor is it like any other house I’ve visited, but it looks like it was lived in, and it’s seen every inch that we have. Divorce, birthday parties, mom’s home-cooked holiday dinners, loud arguments, loud music, brother’s leaving for college, me leaving for college, relatives we take care of, relatives we plan funerals for. If the memories aren’t tangible enough to leave a presence in the house, I’m sure we could dig through the stacks of bullshit to prove they happened.



I think most people of my generation, including myself at times, have a disposable mentality about the world. How things are made today for the sake of mass-quantity rather than quality leaves us with little objection against tossing something when it no longer fulfills its purpose for us anymore. My mom was raised on a farm by parents who lived through The Depression Era, so our ideas of preservation are a little bit different. The house is essentially furnished with family heirlooms manufactured in the eras spanning between Civil War – present day, and I’m sure they would be worth a pretty substantial amount on craigslist… yet she struggles to dismiss what that particular object means or has meant to her.




It took all of about fifteen minutes to write Cash4Gold, because I’ve seen the medical bills, bank statements, and documents of life expenses that collect on top of the boxes – we live in a big house, but we’ve never been wealthy.


I know what it’s like to watch someone you love caught in circumstances which force them to assign a monetary value to an object that bares a priceless personal and historical value.


A value of memories that reflect the way this object has fulfilled its intended purpose for the children you’ve raised and the human beings you’ve loved and cared for in years passed. Objects that have endured and existed through the years, like we have and we continue to. No matter what these items that cover the tables and line the walls are sold for to someone else; that person will never know how much it meant to us.

-Rachel Mallin, lead vocals



Cash 4 Gold Lyrics:


We just toss our troubles on the shelves with all the rest of our bullshit
I just hope for peace when I come home
You won’t know me like you thought you did


Boxes of posterity
Stacked up to our ears
I don’t care for what it’s worth in ten or twenty years
Cause money comes and money goes
And everybody claims to know
Let’s trade our baby, get rich fast
Spin our gold back into cash
Just so long as it lasts


We love our house, we settle down
We fantasize it burning down
We’re placing bets
On who comes to take it first
Mother nature, or the men from the IRS
Cause it’s all trash


Boxes of posterity
Stacked up to our ears
It’s not worth the trouble in ten or twenty years
Cause money comes and money goes
And everybody claims to know
Let’s sell our child, get rich fast
Spin our gold back into cash
Just so long as it lastsJust so long as it lasts
Darlin’ nothing ever lasts