#NowPlaying Sea Salt by Slow Bird


I wrote the lyrics to Sea Salt about a year after being laid off from my job as a research technician. I had just started playing music again in a band and was working in a bar. My friends and family were concerned that I wasn’t moving forward, despite my efforts to find another job in my field. It was incredibly frustrating to live in an economy where I was told there would be jobs & I could afford to have debt to obtain an education, & have that promise left unfulfilled. I had plans laid out for myself. I didn’t know where I was going or how I was going to get there. And who do you blame for this economy? Me? My parents? The baby boomers? Capitalism? It turns out that patience paid off because now I am here doing what I love, but at the time it felt very hopeless. 

The song is not to me about giving up but waiting it out and seeing what lies ahead instead of trying to control your future. Change is inevitable… people should stop trying to resist it or they will end up stuck in the past filled with regret.

– Jennae Quisenberry, Slow Bird




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