Mugen no Hikari

Mugen no Hikari (夢幻の光) – Jinn

[audio:http://indieverse.emasters.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Mugen-no-Hikari.mp3|titles=Mugen no Hikari]

Since the emergence of K-pop (Korean pop), the Japanese music industry has gone underground, retaining pockets of die-hard fans waiting for the current fad to pass.

Japanese rock bands such as Jinn were mostly popularized through clever song placement in various anime, forming an emotional connection between their music and the events which occurred in the anime itself.

The vocals of Hītan (second from right) is an acquired taste, with unexpected breaks in her voice. But I’ve always felt that she puts everything into her music. And somehow, that more than compensates for everything else.

What I love best about Jinn are their explosive bursts of energy, followed by a sudden change of pace to a slow and heartfelt melody.

Among my favourite songs from Jinn are:

  • Mugen no Hikari
  • Raion
  • Parallel World

Check out their official site here: http://jinnlove.net/en/index.html


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