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If you have a song submission, are interested in being interviewed, or have any suggestions/recommendations to improve this site, I would love to hear from you. Advertisers, designers and writers are especially welcome. Everything is negotiable.

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2 thoughts on “Contact Me”

  1. indie-verse is really starting to suck in a very mainstream way. someone tell that station that rap and hip-hop not only sucks, but it’s not indie. we have plenty of other stations that play that garbage. Wake up indiverse and stop alienating real indie listeners.

    1. Hi Donald,

      Thanks for commenting. I would like to clarify that we are a NOT a radio station and there is only ONE hip-hop/rap musician on our website.

      There is a radio station called The Indie-Verse which is completely different from us in every way except the name.

      Just wanted to make sure your comment was really intended for us.

      Your feedback is much appreciated

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