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Story Behind The Song – In Time by Lake Jons

Like almost all the songs we’ve done, I started recoding some ideas with the guitar in the Lake Jons Garage. The song “In Time” came quite quickly together but the lyrics waited for almost one year to be finished.

 *photo credits to Arttu Kokkonen

It was the song that was born just after we had mastered our two EP’s so it was in some kind of an empty space between the old and new. We had no hurry to finish it and it stayed in the demo folder for a year or so. When we started planning on releasing the second EP and we got an idea to put “In Time” on it even though it was still on the demo stage.

We put it together and finished the lyrics. I listened to my old demo guitars and wondered even though they were recorded kind of carelessly I loved them cause of the sound and the feel. The only thing that we kept having a problem with was the beat. To have it or not to have it. Just couple of days before mastering the song we ended up finding the right minimal beat for the song. But in the end we kept basically every track from the demo session and replaced only a few instruments like for example the vocals.



The key message of the song “I take my chances” is pretty straight forward so I don’t think it needs more unwrapping.

The way the song came together was pretty unusual for us. It was a slow process of one year.


-Jooel Jons, Lake Jons

#NowPlaying This Place by Tales of Olde

Tales of Olde is getting ready to release their debut EP early this year and they are offering a sneak peek with “This Place”, a song that captures their roots as an acoustic folk band.



“This Place” makes mellifluous use of the band’s signature male-female harmonies that are as soulful as they are dynamic, building from intimate near-whispers to a full choir’s worth of anthemic sing-along sound.

Meanwhile, the simple yet colorful imagery and realistic storytelling in the lyrics perfectly match the warm, natural tones of layered percussion, guitars, and violins.

The end result pays tribute to influences like Of Monsters and Men, Andrew Bird, and Kings of Leon while adding enough indie rock ferociousness to forge new musical territory.

-Mike Del Priore, Effective Immediately PR


The Middle East

With absolutely no geographical relation to its name, The Middle East is an Australian band based in Queensland.



They have officially disbanded after playing their last concert – Splendour in the Grass in August 2011, leaving behind some really good songs and a number of disappointed fans.

Listening to The Middle East is a subtle, yet engaging emotional journey. With a diverse variety of styles, unconventional instruments and well placed vocal harmonization, I find their music most suitable during a quiet search for inspiration or highway driving at night.

Among some of my favourite songs from The Middle East are:

  • Blood
  • Lonely
  • Deep Water


No Rest by Dry The River

Dry The River

[audio:|titles=Dry The River]

In all honesty, the beginning of No Rest was unassuming.

If not for the fact that I was made me promise to listen to it until the end, I would have missed out on their amazing, impassioned bridge that changed my evaluation of this song forever.

The lyrics and music video for No Rest contains alot of biblical references. There is also an acoustic version released, which is equally good.



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