Bright Fire (album) by The Honey Trees

 The magic continues! Here’s Becky Filip and Jacob Wick from The Honey Trees for a quick Q&A about Bright Fire, their very first full-length album.



Bright Fire

There has always been a very magical, vintage feel to your music. How are you portraying that magic with this album? Or do you have a different direction/concept with Bright Fire?

We always love the type of music that kind of feels otherworldly and sweeps you away from where you are in the present moment, which is what is ‘magical’ to usWe were striving for that sort of thing with Bright Fire. Just something dreamy, maybe even a little cinematic, that you can listen to and close your eyes and imagine you’re somewhere beautiful and peaceful.

Since your first EP (Wake the Earth), when did you decide it was the right time to start working on your debut full length album?

We actually started working on a full-length not long after we released Wake the Earth. When we recorded Wake the Earth, we weren’t technically an official band yet, so after we released it, we took a few years to figure out what exactly it was we wanted to do. That’s when we started trying out sharing vocals, and writing songs together. Also, we had such an amazing experience recording Wake the Earth, and we really wanted to take our time and weigh our options as far what our next step would be.

The Honey Trees with Jeremy Larson

So you spent a month at Jeremy Larson’s studio in Springfield recording Bright Fire. Describe your daily experience, from the moment you wake up in the morning. And what was it like working with him?

Our daily routine was usually, get up early, go get coffee and/or breakfast, and then just head straight into the studio for basically the rest of the day. We would take lunch and dinner breaks, but for the most part we were just recording away in the studio. Working with Jeremy was one of the best experiences we’ve had with music! We all got along so well, and he understood exactly what we wanted for each song. We gave him a lot of free reign with this record because we completely trusted him, but he was always very respectful of us as musicians and was never controlling. We hope to work together again soon!

The Honey Trees has a very uniquely defined style. From your music, to the visuals. Even your clothing and accessories. Is this something that comes naturally? Or is there a conscious effort to remain consistent?

It all comes pretty naturally I think! What you see and hear is genuinely just us being us. We never sat down and tried to think of a way to brand our style, it just happened. I feel it does remain consistent because it’s just us being ourselves.

Becky Filip on the piano

Last but not least, any final words to your fans and readers of this blog?

As always, we’re truly grateful to anyone who cares about what we do. Everyone needs someone to believe in what they’re pursuing, so it really means so much. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Becky Filip & Jacob Wick, The Honey Trees


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