About Us

Welcome to IndieVerse, where we share and promote relatively unknown musicians with high musical and lyrical content.

We’re a small outfit, so we try to keep things personal and only work with music we genuinely enjoy.

We try our best to develop good working relationships with the musicians themselves as well as their management, publicity team and fans.

Our network is always expanding. We welcome new ideas and encourage involvement from all parties. This is a purely freelance project. Everybody contributes what they can, whenever they can.

To find out more, visit the Contact Me page

For good measure, here are some endorsements / testimonials from people we have worked with



“Indiverse gives great coverage to emerging, independent bands! Mark is always a pleasure to work with.”

 Jillian Santella, Senior Publicist of Effectively Immediately PR

“I would highly recommend getting involved with IndieVerse to anyone looking for a fresh new approach to promotion. I think it’s safe to assume that the audience for this project will only get bigger.”

Sam Christie, lead singer of Stop Drop Robot from Sheffield

“Mark at IndieVerse was great to work with. I felt like my music was respected and represented accurately and positively. Getting a good review from IndieVerse was a great help to my album release.”

Kaela Sinclair, singer-songwriter from Denton, Texas

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