Begging You Please by viseMenn

There’s been a string of talented bands emerging from Northern Europe recently – A real Scandinavian Invasion if you ask me. For now, sit down (actually stand up) and enjoy a slow headbanging session with the intro of “Begging You Please” by Norwegian atmospheric rock band viseMènn

The first thing you’ll notice is texture. Layers upon layers of sound build up into a raging crescendo. And just when you would expect an explosion of release, the back end of the chorus offers nothing but controlled restraint.

And then there’s the tension. The song encapsulates its title, leaving you begging for more. Raw emotion bubbles underneath the surface, kept in place through long drawn out rifts and sombre vocals.

“Begging You Please” reminds us that sometimes, the best way to deliver a message is not by letting it all out, but by holding something back.

On a side note, their less critically acclaimed songs “Don’t Let It Break” and “The Bright and Shiny” are also worthy of your attention. You can find them on their website.


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